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What We Are About
The Mongolia Society was founded in 1961 as a private, non-profit, non-political organization interested in promoting the study of Mongolia, its history, language, and culture. The aims of the Society are exclusively scholarly, educational, and charitable.

The Mongolia Society publishes Mongolian Studies: Journal of The Mongolia Society, Mongolia Survey, and two series entitled Special Papers (devoted to the republication of rare works in Mongolian or related languages) and Occasional Papers (scholarly studies). The Society also has printed and reprinted important dictionaries. One of the major obstacles encountered by Western students of Mongolia has been the difficulty in obtaining Mongolian publications on a regular basis. Therefore since 1975, The Mongolia Society has been active in the importation and distribution of scholarly books and periodicals, as well as prints, music, and craft items from Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and Buriatia.

Membership in The Mongolia Society is open to individuals, foundations, libraries, corporations, and other organizations interested in advancing its aims. The Mongolia Society and Friends of Mongolia (former Peace Corps in Mongolia and their supporters) have a joint one year membership. In any given membership year, individuals in good standing receive our regular publications, Mongolian Studies and Mongolia Survey, and library members additionally receive copies of our Occasional Papers series. Membership is by calendar year and new members joining near the end of a year are usually placed on the rolls for the coming period, often with a complimentary copy of a recent publication. The Society’s annual business meeting is usually held in conjunction with other professional groups, like the Association for Asian Studies, in major cities in the spring.

During its more than fifty years of existence, The Mongolia Society has become a center for information on Mongolia past and present. It has achieved a position of respect in the scholarly, governmental, and business communities in the United States, Mongolia, China, Japan, and Europe.

Who We Are
Officers of The Mongolia Society
President: Amb. Pamela J. Slutz
Chairman of the Board: Dr. Christopher Atwood
Vice President: Dr. Alicia J. Campi
Executive Director: Mrs. Susie Drost
Treasurer: Mrs. Tserenchunt Legden
Co-Managing Editor: Dr. Peter Marsh and Dr. Timothy May
Secretary: Dr. Melissa Chakars

Founding Chairman: Dr. John Gombojab Hangin (1921-1989)

Board of Directors

Dr. Christopher Atwood Dr. Timothy May

Dr. Melissa Chakars Dr. Alicia J. Campi

Dr. Sunmin Yoon  Dr. Peter Marsh

Ms. Susan Meinheit Dr. Uranchimeg Tsultem

Mrs. Tserenchunt Legden

Senior Advisory Committee
Dr. Henry Schwarz Dr. John R. Krueger†
Dr. Denys Voaden Dr. John C. Street†

Webmaster: Kacey Evilsizor
Web Contributor: Jag Erkhembayar
Former Contributors: Catherine Tsuji, Bahtiyor Khodjaev, Eric Garrison, Sainbayar Davaabat

Where We Are
The Mongolia Society, Inc.
514 Eigenmann Hall, Indiana University
1900 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47406-7512

Address not intended for payments. Please use:
The Mongolia Society
P.O. Box 2552
Bloomington, IN  47402

Phone Number: (812) 855-4078
E-Mail: monsoc@indiana.edu