With the expansion of Mongolia’s contacts with the rest of the world, the world of scholarship on Mongolian and Mongolian peoples world-wide has become wider and broader than ever. New fields are opening up regularly and new communities of collaborative scholars are forming. This situation offers an opportunity for those working in fields related to the Mongolian lands and peoples to find fruitful new areas of cooperation and mutual academic enrichment. To facilitate this type of exchange, The Mongolia Society is establishing an ever-growing directory of scholars with an active interest in any field related to Mongolia and the Mongols. Our aim is to build a listing of scholars currently working on any aspect of the Mongolian lands and peoples, both to facilitate linkages between scholars who currently may not be aware of each others’ work and interests, and to identify areas that perhaps may not be receiving the attention they deserve.

Including Your Name in the Directory
There are other listings of scholars involved in Central Eurasian Studies or Central Asian Studies with much valuable information. Our listing will be, however, the first database of scholars involved in Mongolian studies that is both a comprehensive and complete listing of those interested in Mongolian studies. If you are a scholar involved in any aspect of research on Mongolia and the Mongols, we hope that you will take the time to help us and the world of scholars interested in Mongolian studies by reading this letter and filling out this form and by passing copies on to any colleague you may be aware of with an active interest in any field related to Mongolia.

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Amitai, Reuven
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Research interests: Conversion of Mongols in Iran, Mongol Warfare, relations between Mongols and Mamluks

Apatóczky, Ákos Bertalan
Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary
Research interests: Sino-Mongol contact, Khitan studies, historical linguistics

Atwood, Christopher P.
University of Pennsylvania
Research interests: Historiography in the Mongol Empire, social history of Inner Asian mobile pastoralists, Mongolian and Inner Mongolian encounter with modernity

Avery, Martha
The Mongolia Fund
Research interests: 18th and 19th century Mongolia, Silk Road trade, women in Mongolia

Bamana, Gabriel
Independent Scholar
Research interests: Mongolia, tea culture, social and cultural networks, Afro-Asia comparative studies

Bareja-Starzynska, Agata
University of Warsaw
Research interests: Buddhism in Mongolia, Buddhist literature, Buddhist terminology, Tibeto-Mongolian relations, Mongolian Buddhist terminology (Classical, Oirat, modern) with Tibetan and Sanskrit equivalents, Buddhism in present-day Mongolia, History of Buddhism in Mongolia

Billé, Franck
Tang Center for Silk Road Studies, University of California, Berkeley
Research interests: Anthropology, geography
Curriculum Vitae

Biran, Michal
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Research interests: Inner Asian history; cross-cultural contacts between China, the Muslim world and Europe; the Mongol empire and its legacy; Kitans and Qara Khitai; Central Asian history; history of traditional China; history of the medieval Middle East; world history; nomadism; conversion; ethnicity and identity; mobility; migrations, collective memory; military history; historiography; Silk Roads

Briller, Sherylyn H.
Wayne State University
Research interests: Cultural/medical anthropology, social welfare issues, aging, caregiving, family and governmental support mechanisms

Brose, Michael C.
University of Wyoming
Research interests: Central Asian elite (“semuren”) in Mongol China, Muslim community in present-day Yunnan and their relationship to Uyghurs and other Central Asians

Buyandelger, Manduhai
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research interests: Post-socialism, religion, gender, marketization, globalization, democratic changes in central and peripheral places

Byrne, Susan Catherine
Research interests: Mongolian cultural heritage, British-Mongolian relations, Mongolian monasteries

Carey, Sas
Self-employed, Registered Nurse
Research interests: Cultural survival of Dukha Reindeer Herders, Shamanism, Harmonizing Traditional and Modern Medicine

Charleux, Isabelle
National Centre for Scientific Research-France
Research interests: Mongols’ pilgrimages in Mongolia and abroad, 18th-early 20th centuries: material culture, and interactions between Mongols, Tibetans and Chinese; Mongol Buddhist architecture and society; Art and craft production in past and present-day Mongolia; Architectural and artistic heritage conservation in Inner Mongolia, modern Buddhist revival, and reconstruction of Buddhist monasteries; Mongol material culture, especially painting (thangkas, mural painting, manuscripts); Survey and study of temple mural paintings in Inner Mongolia; Visual representation of past and present ancestors and figures of authority in the Mongol world.
Curriculum Vitae

Chakars, Melissa
Saint Joseph’s University
Research interests: Buryatia, Kalmykia, Tuva, Buddhism, empire, and ethnicity

Chen, Naixiong
Inner Mongolia University
Research interests: Mongolian dialects, Middle Mongolians

Chiodo, Elisabetta
Bonn University
Research interests:

Cornell, Todd
Language Line Services/KAZN Radio
Research interests: Folklore and music of Inner Mongolia

Delaplace, Grégory
Université Paris Ouest
Research interests: Comparative sociology, anthropology
Curriculum Vitae

Deora, Sugan Singh
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Research interests: Ethnicity and international boundary-related issues

Elverskog, Carl Johan
Southern Methodist University
Research interests: Buddhism in Mongolia

Empson, Rebecca
London’s Global University
Research interests: The politics of personhood, subjectivity and memory, kinship, exchange across bodily and territorial boundaries, new and alternative economies, ideas about value and waste, visual and material culture

Endicott, Elizabeth
Retired-Middlebury College
Research interests: Land use in Mongolia

Erdene, Purevjav
Osaka University of Foreign Studies
Research interests: Mongolian philology, Japanese-Mongolian dictionary

Fernandez-Gimenez, Maria E.
Colorado State University
Research interests: History of pastoral land use and land tenure, pastoral development, indigenous knowledge of Mongolian herders, ecology and management of Mongolian rangelands

Finke, Peter
University of Zurich
Research interests: Economic anthropology, rural development, political economy, and social change; post-socialist societies; ethnicity, nationalism and migration studies, and norms and ideology, social theory
Curriculum Vitae

Frank, Ronald K.
Pace University
Research interests: Japan, Mongolia, Russian Empire, Silk Road, Chinese Borderlands

Gaëlle, Lacaze
Strasbourg University
Research interests: Anthropology of the body, Gestual, Body’s technics, visual Anthropology, Symbolical representations of the “cosmos “, questions of territory, Contemporary uses and habits confronted to Mongolian people history, Representations on nomadism and gestuals, Syncretisms between Shamanism and Buddhism, Traditions/modernities, post-Sovietic changes
Notions of person and individuality ; the birth of individualism in post-Sovietic societies, questions of exceptional individuality.; handicap and heroism, Nomadic food and nutrition problems ; applied anthropology in the humanitarian projects, Comparative approaches : Fieldwork data among the Darkhad, interest on Xalx, Tuva, Buriat, Yakut, Chinese Mongols, s.o.
Curriculum Vitae

Gedalecia, David
College of Wooster
Research interests: Song-Yuan Neo-Confucianism

Gelb, Michael
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Research interests: Stalinist purges in their multi-ethnic contexts, including Tannu-Tuva and People’s Republic of Mongolia as well as USSR

Gillespie, Judith Anne
State University of New York-Albany
Research interests: The development of civil society in Mongolia and transnationally in East Asia

Ginsburg, Thomas
University of Chicago Law School
Research interests: International Law, Constitutions

Golden, Peter B.
Retired-Rutgers University
Research interests: History and culture of the nomads of Eurasia

Grivelet, Stéphane
University of the French West Indies and Guiana Institut Supérieur
Research interests: Writing reforms and creation of writing systems in Mongolia

Hamayon, Roberte N.
Research interests: Ethnology, linguistics
Curriculum Vitae

Hruschka, Daniel J.
Arizona State University
Research interests: Global health, medical anthropology, social networks

Hyer, Eric A.
Brigham Young University
Research interests: Mongolia-China relations and boundary issues

Jackson, Malan Robert
Utah Valley University

Jacobson-Tepfer, Esther
University of Oregon
Research interests: Central Asian art and archeology

Jiang, Hong
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Research interests: Cultural geography of the environment, perception of nature, environmental ideology and politics, minority people and resource use in China, China’s western region

Kam, Tak-sing
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Research interests: Manchu-Mongol Relations

Kitamura, Akihide
Research interests: past tense of Mongolian verbs, Mongolian synonyms, translation studies

Kiyose, Gisaburo N.
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Research interests: Mongolian elements in Manchu, development from Jurchen to Manchu

Kollmar-Paulenz, Karénina
Bern University
Research interests: Cultural and religious history of Tibet and Mongolia; Canon research (Mongolian Ganjur); Mongolian knowledge cultures; Method and Theory of Religion; Religion and Politics in Inner Asia; History of Buddhism
Curriculum Vitae

Krusekopf, Charles
Austin College
Research interests: Economic development and its impacts on the Pastoral Commons of Mongolia, Mongolia’s Commons Property Land Resources, Owen Lattimore in Mongolia

Lan, Mei-hua
National Chengchi University
Research interests: Nationalism, cultural change

Li, Narangoa
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
Research interests: Relations between Japan and Mongolia

Liu, Xiaoyuan
University of Virginia
Research interests: Ethnopolitics in China’s Northern and Western borderlands in the early Cold War years

Luvsandamba, Dashnyam
Mongolian Knowledge University
Research interests: Mental life of Mongols, science and education in Mongolia

Marchina, Charlotte
Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales
Research interests: Mongolia, Aga Buryats, pastoralism, human-animal relations, nomadism, land use, GIS

Marsh, Peter K.
Retired-California State University
Research interests: Issues of music, nationalism, and national identity, especially in terms of how the “Mongolian folk” is constructed in contemporary Mongolia

Martinez, Arsenio P.
Retired-City College of New York of City University of New York
Research interests: Translation of the 3rd section of Rashidu’d-Din’s Ta’rikh-e Mobarake Ghazani, commercial and monetary history of the Il-Khanate, the Levant Trade

May, Timothy
University of North Georgia
Research interests: Mongol Empire, steppe empires, military history, Chinggis Khan in history and legend

Mearns, Robin
The World Bank
Research interests: Pastoral development, pastoral institutions, land tenure/land reform, poverty/inequality, environment and society

Meserve, Ruth
Indiana University
Research interests: The history of domestic livestock, including veterinary medicine, in Central Eurasia

Mikhalev, Alexey V.
Buryat State University
Research interests: Postcolonial studies, Russian world anthropology
Curriculum Vitae

Millward, James Andrew
Georgetown University
Research interests: China, Inner Asia, Xinjiang, Qing Empire, Silk Road, cross-cultural musical exchanges

Minato, Kunio
Kochi University
Research interests: Contemporary Mongolian society, economy, and politics

Morikawa, Tetsuo
Kyushu University
Research interests: Mongolian Chronicles, Anti-Manchu Movement in Mongolia during the Qing Dynasty

Naidansuren, Ochirbat
Curtin University of Technology
Research interests: Political art in Mongolia
Curriculum Vitae

Nasandalai, Hurchabilig
Inner Mongolian Academy of Sciences
Research interests: Ancestors of Chinggis Khan, Mongolian Studies

Nasunbayar, M.
Institute of Mongolian Cultures
Research interests: Contemporary Inner Mongolian Culture and its change

Oka, Hiroki
Tohoku University
Research interests: Administrative structure of Mongolia under the Manchu Qing rule

Qoirob, Heshigtogtahu
Central University for Nationalities
Research interests: History of Mongolian classic literature (-1900), The Secret History of the Mongols (Mongol-un Nigucha Tobchiyan), Chakravardi Altan Qagan-u Tuguli, History of Ganjur translation from Tuguji Tibetan to Mongolian, Mongolian Shamanism literature, Language in Mongolian historical documents

Reading, Richard
Denver Zoological Foundation
Research interests: Animal conservation

Reichhardt, Björn
Humboldt University of Berlin, Max Planck Institute
Research interests:Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Human Geography, Material Culture, Security and Precarity, Space and Place, Pastoralism and Dairy Products, Urbanism, Mongolian Youth

Riazhev, Andrej S.
Togliatti State University
Research interests: Russian and Central Asian Modern History (especially the 18th century); History of Religion (Christianity, Buddhism) in Modern Time; Buddhists, Oirats, Kalmyks at the borders of Russia and China at the early Modern Times

Rossabi, Morris
Columbia University
Research interests: Ilkanid art–an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Mongolia, 1990-2000: From Khans to Commissars to Capitalists?

Rozycki, William
University of Aizu
Research interests: Written Kalmyk from 18th, 19th centuries, Manchu-Mongol linguistic borrowings and interaction, Mongol-Tungus linguistic relationship, abbreviations and acronyms in Modern Mongol, Mongolian economy

Ryzhova, Natalia
Russian Academy of Science
Research interests: Political science, economic sociology
Curriculum Vitae

Sabloff, Paula
Santa Fe Institute
Research interests: Political culture of Mongolia, network analysis of political culture

Sanders, Alan J.K.
Independent Scholar
Research interests: Mongolia 1990 to present

Schlepp, Wayne
University of Toronto
Research interests: Chinese poetics, Mongolian grammar, Folktale cycles

Schoenhals, Michael
Lund University
Research interests: the language of contemporary Chinese politics and history of the Cultural Revolution

Schwarz, Henry G.
Western Washington University
Research interests: Modern/Contemporary Chinese, Mongolian Studies, Uyghur Studies, East Asian Studies

Sendenjav, Dulam
Mongolian State University
Research interests: Mongolian symbolism, Mongolian Shamanism

Shinjilt, J.
Hitotsubashi University
Research interests: Acculturation and change of ethnic identity of a Mongolian subgroup in Qinghai Province where a higher level of “Tibetization” has taken place. Ph.D thesis to be submitted titled “The Ethnography on the Process of Becoming the Mongol” based on a fieldwork with an anthropological approach.

Skrynnikova, Tatiana
Russian Academy of Sciences
Research interests: typology of social structure/organization and ethno-, polito- and culturogenesis of the Mongolian-speaking peoples; contemporary issues, namely ethnosocial and ethnopolitical processes in Buryatia

Sneath, David Andrew
Cambridge University
Research interests: Pastoralism, land-use and the environment, decollectivisation and post-socialist social transformations, political culture and economic institutions in Inner Asia, and the anthropology of Development

Stolpe, Ines
Bonn University
Research interests: Mongolian language and culture, relations of spatial and social mobility, cultural and political history of Mongolia, social change, philosophy of education, civil society networks, postsocialism

Swift, Jeremy
University of Sussex
Research interests: economics of the transition, rural poverty, institutional issues, land tenure; projects: poverty alleviation, rural education, pastoral risk management

Taichigud, Amindai
Inner Mongolian Educational College
Research interests: Mongolian history and religion

Taichigud, Mansang
Inner Mongolian Educational College
Research interests: Mongolian culture, history, religion, and literature

Thompson, Mikael
Hogan Lovells (Ulaanbaatar) LLC.
Research interests: Mongolian dialectology, Khalkha phonetics and morphology

Tsevel, Chagdarsuren
National University of Mongolia
Research interests: History of Mongolian language, study of the Mongolian scripts, spiritual culture of Mongolian nomads, textology

Uvsh, Delgarjargal
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research interests: Comparative political economy, natural resource dependence, effects of institutions on development, sources of institutional change, post-Soviet politics

Vermund, Sten
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Research interests: STD control and HIV prevention

Vovin, Alexander
École des hautes études en sciences sociales
Research interests: Ancient Mongolian inscriptions, reconstruction of proto-Mongolian, Middle Mongolian philology, Old Japanese philology, early language contacts in the Central, East, and Northern Asia, ethnolinguistic history of the Central, East, and Northern Asia.

Wallace, Vesna
University of California-Santa Barbara
Research interests: Mongolian Buddhism

Weatherford, Jack
Retired-Macalester College
Research interests: Cultural Anthropology

Yakhontova, Natalia
Russian Academy of Science

Yangjai, Tegusbayar
Inner Mongolia University
Research interests: Mongolian mythology and legend